Health and Safety Protocols

5 We have taken all the government advice on measures to be taken to reopen and are implementing the following health and safety protocols. These protocols are for your safety and we ask kindly that you comply with the measures in place.

- Please wash your hands before you leave home to come to class.

- There is a one way system mapped out in the lobby area. Please follow the arrows marked out to access the stairs.

- Classes are 50 mins, 5 mins are allowed between classes to allow for cleaning and for safe access and egress of the building for everyone, so we would kindly ask that you do not arrive early for class, or stay around after class for socialising within the building.

- Please come to class in your workout gear if possible, to limit the use of the changing rooms.

- On entering the studio, everyone must sanitise their hands 

- All the Reformers and Trapezes are 2 metres apart .You are not obliged to wear a mask though feel free to wear one should you wish to. Each Class capacity is 10 people max.

- The Reformer straps have been replaced with vinyl covers so they can be disinfected after each use.

- As normal, the Reformers (and Trapezes) must be cleaned down thoroughly by the user after each use; the mat/platform, headrest, straps, springs and foot bar. 

- To maintain social distancing, each reformer will have its own spray and paper towels so you don't have to share. Everyone is to place their used paper towel in the bin on exiting.

- When class is over, everyone must promptly exit the class to allow the Teacher carry out the extra cleaning protocols ready for the next class.

- If you feel under the weather in any way people don’t come to class.

-If you don’t feel comfortable coming to class or need to remain at home, we have our online classes through Zoom for the foreseeable and you can book through the app or website.