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Synergy Pilates

Synergy Pilates has been providing Reformer Pilates service since 2012. We are 100% Irish owned with Women in Business and we offer the best value Reformer classes in the country allowing it to be more affordable to everyone.

Our Mission is to improve the quality of your life! Pilates practice can make everything in your life easier, as it strengthens your mind and whole body as well as rejuvenating and rehabilitating your spine. This in turn results in whole body balanced strength and flexibility. We do this by tailoring workouts to your story—your needs—whether through individual personal sessions, private groups or group classes. Our teachers are highly trained, intuitive and experienced, who are compassionate and empathetic to everyone who comes through our door.

WHAT IS PILATES? Pilates is an exercise regime that focuses on working the whole body to improve strength and flexibility with Control. It is named after Joseph H. Pilates and was derived from his ‘Contrology’ (aka Science of Control) exercise regime. Pilates is much more than just body toning - it’s a way of life! All forms of Pilates follow the same principles; breathing, control, concentration, core connection, precision, mind-body connection, flexibility, flow and relaxation. All these principles are present when each exercise is performed correctly. 

WHAT IS REFORMER? Reformer Pilates is an equipment-based class. The Reformer was originally created by Joseph Pilates for patients with muscular atrophy. It enabled these patients to perform some of his ‘Contrology’ routine, which today is more commonly known as the classical mat Pilates repertoire. He then refined it for regular use to improve performance on the mat or for specific sports. The Reformer is a self-operated machine with a mat/platform attached to a carriage that moves back and forth, with varying adjustable resistance springs depending on what exercise the user is performing. There are also straps for arms and legs that provide the necessary supports and challenges for the user. The repertoire that can be performed on the reformer is considerable, so most classes are never the same. Pilates practice on the Reformer uniquely allows the user to access and trigger deep intrinsic muscles within the body’s core that the user may not have ever been aware of beforehand, resulting in far better precision and technique when performing the exercises, giving far greater results.