Introduction to Reformer Pilates:This is a 5- week fixed term Beginners course, which teaches you the Fundamentals and Principles of Pilates, and how to use the Reformer. It is ideal for clients new to Pilates and Reformer Pilates, and to clients rehabilitating an injury. To enrol for these courses, click on the 'course enrolment' tab.

Reformer Level 1:This is a Beginner Level class, suitable for those new to Reformer Pilates and those who have completed the 5-week Introductory course. It is a slow and steady-but effective class that will help target those areas that need attention. It can also help relieve back pain and rehabilitate an injury. It is suitable for Beginners who cannot commit to the 5- week introductory course-however if you are being referred by a medical professional you must enrol to the Introductory course or book in for a Private session.

Reformer Level 1/2: This class is Beginner-'Improver' class. It is suitable for Beginners without injury who want to progress. It’s is also suitable for anyone with moderate to very good fitness levels, who are new to Reformer Pilates and have some experience of Pilates or core conditioning exercises.

 Reformer Level 2 :This is an Intermediate class. Ideally one has been doing Reformer Pilates regularly for at least 6 months or more than 1 year of Mat based Pilates. It is a faster pace class, therefore knowledge of the Apparatus, Pilates Fundamentals and Principles are essential to take part. It isn’t suitable for anyone with an acute injury.

Reformer Level 2/3: This is an Advanced Reformer Pilates Class. Ideally suited to anyone who has at least one year of regular Reformer Pilates Practice. It is suitable for anyone with above average fitness levels and are acute injury free.

Pilates Barre: This is a Ballet Style Pilates Class with a focus on standing leg exercises and working the silhouette using the Ballet Barre. It also incorporates Yoga postures and Mat Pilates, giving you a whole body workout. It is a mixed ability class offering adaptations and progressions where relevant.

Yoga Flow: This is a Lunchtime Vinyasa Class. It’s a Dynamic non-stop flow class. Most suitable for people who have experience with yoga or flexibility training.

Pilates Arc: Using the Spine Corrector, this lunchtime class focuses on moving and articulating the spine in its 6 (8 for the neck) directions. It can improve posture, relieve back pain and reduce stress. It also helps reduce anxiety and depression. It is non-progressive therapeutic class suitable for everyone. Ideal for anyone who sits at a desk for work or drives a lot.